Church, Unravel Yourself.

Dear Church, Now’s not the time to lose your focus. If there are poor among you-- brokenhearted, lonely, sick, rejected, fearful, ashamed, abused, tormented (and, yes, the polar icecaps are still melting and microplastics compromising our sea life)-- and all your thoughts are not for them, you’re distracted by the non-essentials. Jesus was never distracted. [...]


Creating a Welcoming Seat for Her at the Table: 3 Principles for Empowering Women to Lead

Having been in upper management leadership positions for nearly 20 years, over half of which have been as a lead pastor, it’s not uncommon for male leaders and pastors to ask me what they can do to better empower women to serve in leadership roles. I love getting this question because it shows the progress [...]

The one word every child needs to hear and say…

My heart is satiated when the world reflects back to my children the great worth I find in them... Eyes widening with delight at the sight of their favorite home-cooked meal. Little arms and legs finding warmth under thick blankets atop beds littered with their beloved stuffed animal friends. Intuitive teachers taking notice of something little that [...]