Sometimes I wrestle.  Back flat on mat.  Shoulders pressing in.  Breath straining to find its way into my lungs.  Searching.  The heaviness mounts upon me and every muscle of my body tenses and struggles to not give up.  To not tap out.   The focus in my eyes and tension in my fingers cry out, “I [...]

A minute

I need a minute.  Just a minute.  To sit in that deeper place.  To welcome mystery and silence.  To be empty within a life so full. A place where the endless ocean crashes its mighty wave upon the shore -- Reaching out its soaking fingers upon the sand as far as they can stretch.  Grabbing.  [...]

From dark to light

Tired eyes lean heavily against my face.  Expectations press into me.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.  I feel their presence sinking in deep.  The whirl of the dishwasher in the distance reminds me that things can change.  Hot water soaks and moves and breaks away the memory of what was there.  The dishes will return from where [...]