The one word every child needs to hear and say…

My heart is satiated when the world reflects back to my children the great worth I find in them…

Eyes widening with delight at the sight of their favorite home-cooked meal.

Little arms and legs finding warmth under thick blankets atop beds littered with their beloved stuffed animal friends.

Intuitive teachers taking notice of something little that they find special in them.

Like-minded friends loving their quirkiness and reflecting it back.

Or the way their little bodies relax and release when they walk inside the house after a long day.  Ahhhh… Home.

But, the most satisfying feeling of all is found in one powerful, little word…

It’s the one word that declares that we belong together.

It’s the one word that tells our children that our relationship to them is unbreakable and will follow us all to our deaths.

It’s the one word that provides the foundation for the family to be established and secured.

And I believe it’s the one word that every child needs to hear and say…

Whose child is this?

Whose kid painted that picture?

Whose mom is picking us up?

Whose parents are coming to the game?

Mine.  A declaration of utter, unconditional belonging.

Mine.  A simple word used in so many ways, for so many reasons– Possibly many of us hardly even notice it when we hear it.

But, I do.

Because, I’ve held nobody’s child in my arms before.

I’ve watched them wander down lonely hallways… Sit in bleak governmental offices… Go from bed to bed.

I’ve heard their sorrowful cries.

Nobody’s child.

No one to make your favorite meal, tuck you under those blankets, and wrap that one thing you’ve been desperately wanting.

Nobody’s child.

No one to claim you and no one to claim as: Mine.

Nobody’s child.

In California alone, there are over 13,000 of them.

Check out your state and see how many children don’t hear or say: Mine.

I want to take up the cause of nobody’s children.

I want the world to reflect back to them their infinite worth.

Not all of us can adopt children.   But, we can all do something to make them ours.

This being said, I invite you to say, “MINE!” by supporting this project:

This is one small way that I, along with my church family, am reflecting back to nobody’s child that they are not forgotten.

Please join us!

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