Love Until it Hurts

Love hurts.At least real, true love does.Relentless, selfless, overpowering love does.Fierce, unstoppable, fall-to-your-knees-and-beg love does.Have you felt the sting of this love?  Has your body ached from head to toe as it has been ravaged and consumed by this love?I feel it… Love that hurts.  Deep breaths burning as love inhales.I love my children.  My [...]

Something that has not yet come across my Facebook feed, but I really want it to…

Dear Friend Who Might Not Identify with the Christian Faith, Once again, I am so embarrassed.  I have to apologize.  Apparently, some of us Christians still haven’t figured out what causes are worth defending and fighting for.  Apparently, we still have a difficult time understanding what true justice is.  Apparently, there is something we still [...]

Grief and Grace

Babies have a way of making everything softer… Voice’s edges round out. Gentler. Hands loosen to hold and nurture. Warmer. Eyes tenderize in grace. Kinder. Babies have a way of slowing everything down… Feet’s steps steady. Quieter. Breath goes in deep. Fuller. Schedules put on hold. Calmer. With unrelenting hope we softened and slowed. Hope [...]

Matthew 14:28

Lord,... if it's you, tell me to come out on the water. I see the fearless waves, thrashing and crashing about. Ominous sky burdened by heavy clouds. Wind whipping and flailing across my face. Thunderous strikes echoing, reverberating and overcoming. I see what's out there. I feel what's out there. Lord,... if it's you, tell [...]

Making an exchange

My breath flows in the shallow end.  It's just not running as deep as it usually does.  Not enough for this life.  Not enough... To fully feel the wind.  The way it playfully dances about.  Snapping chains and burdens. To really laugh.  Laughter that forgets and forges ahead.  Breaking and crumbling hardened soil as it [...]